Portable Building Solutions

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NACSI… the new name in Space!

NACSI PSU flyerAt Nova Advanced Composite Solutions Inc. (NACSI), we continually invest in research and development as part of our ongoing commitment to manufacturing the world’s most advanced Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). Panels designed to work in harmony with the Environment and surrounding Eco-Systems to minimize the carbon footprint.

Our “Green Leaf Technology” utilizes organic polymer resins in concert with jute fibre which is 50% stronger and requires 60% less energy to produce than a comparable E-Glass fibre.

Using this proven technology we have engineered a new line of Portable Buildings to serve the needs of industry, government, and organizations that require temporary or semi-permanent “space”.

NACSI Portable building solutions are available in the following standard sizes as well as any custom size required:

  NACSI 816 -   8' x 16'
  NACSI 824 -   8' x 24'
  NACSI 1020 -   10' x 20'
  NACSI 1032 -   10' x 32'
  NACSI 1040 -   10' x 40'
  NACSI 1240 -   12' x 40'
  NACSI 1260 -   12' x 60'
  NACSI 2440 -   24' x 40'
  NACSI 2460 -   24' x 60'


Gallery of Design Concepts – click the images for a larger view..

Our NASCI Portable Building Solutions offer a new level of choice with several key advantages over traditional marketplace alternatives:


Flexible Design
Our panel manufacturing process allows for virtually unlimited customization in terms of floor plans and features. From standard configurations to fully customized solutions, NACSI designers can work with you to create the ideal solution for your particular requirements or location.

Durable Construction
Composite construction creates a monolithic structure and renders our units impervious to typical environmental conditions such as sun, rain and snow. Plus, they will not rot! Additional panel formulations are also available to address harsh or extreme operating conditions such as earthquake and hurricane zones.

Energy Efficient
High insulating properties of the Jute panel core and resin matrix adds significantly to the R-Factor. As an example, the NACSI 3 inch thick panel is over 20% more energy efficient than the standard wood stud R-20 wall section. A very attractive solution for alternative energy applications or remote placements.

Low Maintenance
Durable, rot-resistant and termite proof exteriors provide years of trouble free service.

Light Weight
Increased portability and lower shipping costs are associated benefits of the size to weight advantages afforded by these units.

While competitively priced, the real advantage rests with overall value. Value provided by a long service life and low operational and maintenance costs.

Custom Branding
We can customize your units to include corporate logos or complimentary paint schemes designed to reinforce your professional image.

Portable Building at NACSI Prototype Application Facility