Disaster Relief Solutions

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Natural and man made, disaster may strike anywhere at anytime...and none of us are immune.  The need for water, food and adequate shelter becomes immediate and constant.  NACSI has developed a comprehensive range of shelter solutions for those stricken, as well as first responders, international agencies and governments, based on a three phase approach.

Advance Preparation – Whether it's emergency shelter, warehousing, medical, command & control, or any other build scenario in your emergency management planning, you can rely on NACSI AC Panels to be ready.  Our panels are impervious to climactic extremes and will not warp, twist or degrade in long term storage.  Impermeability also means they are not susceptible to the normally adverse effects of high humidity and salt laden air, which wreak havoc on traditional wood and metal building materials over time.  NACSI AC Panels are flat pack enabled in a number of pre-cut building configurations. In standard sizes, they provide the flexibility to adapt builds to adverse site conditions.

In Action ~  Due to their ultra light weight, NACSI AC panels can easily be transported rapidly in bulk, and can be moved in volume by pick up truck and on the roofs of small cars.  Assembly requires no heavy equipment, two able bodied persons can erect and finish our 12' x 12' Shelter, including roof & floor, in less than three hours.  Once in place and anchored, our panels will withstand hurricane force winds, torrential rains, and substantial aftershocks.  Again, due to light weight and monolithic structure, NACSI AC roof panels greatly minimise injury from ceiling collapse.  Dynamic Span strengths enable raised platform assembly, reducing water damage to property and providing dry interiors.  Panels can quickly be added to expand shelter and  space as requirements fluctuate.

Aftermath ~ Recovery and reconstruction efforts following any disaster have a necessary focus on rebuilding infrastructure.  After NACSI AC panels have provided what's been needed during the emergency,  their extended life cycle and durability can be used for long term solutions.  Emergency buildings can be disassembled and then reassembled in a more permanent configuration.   Rescue centers become medical clinics and schools, warehousing and emergency shelter become a neighbourhood of permanent homes.  Or, NACSI  AC panels can be put back in storage until the next time, ready to provide the best dependability, when and wherever it's needed most.

  • Emergency/Rapid Response
  • Medical Facilities
  • Group/Family Shelters
  • Aid Worker Accommodations
  • Management Centres
  • Command and Control
  • Hygienic Stations
  • Supply Management
  • Food and Water Storage
  • Mobile Distribution Centres
  • Portable Hangars
  • Classrooms